Month: April 2019

Supervising from Strengths: Understanding Your Own Biases

How we lead from our staff strengths if we have biases about their strengths? Learn how you can review your implicit biases and improve your supervision. The third in a series about supervising from strengths.

Creating Common Purpose in Fraternities

How do men’s organizations create shared values and purpose? Why is this important to clarify shared values? By using the Social Change Model of Leadership, an IFC or similar men’s cultural Greek communities can create this as a priority. Recently, I spent a weekend as a group facilitator for a…

Fraternity Foodie Podcast with Michael Ayalon|Greek University

Check out my 18th episode of Fraternity Foodie with Joseph Rios, Ed.D.! We talk about the USC college admissions scandal, diverse memberships in #fraternity and #sorority, when it’s time to move on, chapter evaluation and assessment plans, the relevance of fraternity, what to say when you’re unemployed, navigating institutional politics, DISC assessments, and great food in Boston! Link:

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Beyond Espousal: Tracking Assessment for Social Justice – Student Affairs Assessment Leaders

Social Justice and Assessment are often individually set in the margins of the student affairs field. When the two core competencies are combined the integration of assessment for social justice as a common practice, is even more rare.  Still, when combined there is increased potential for learning by students and…

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