Month: November 2019

Writing a Learning Outcome (or Mad Libs for SA Pros)

Have you been challenged to develop a learning outcome for your department or division but were unsure how to start? Consider the SWiBAT method for your learning outcome development and begin documenting learning as part of your assessment strategies.

Getting out of my way: Goal Setting for the Mid-Level Professional

The first ten years of my career had me working for nine different supervisors, which meant I was under constant and always-changing evaluation. For this reason, the annual review time of the year used to be my least favorite time of the academic year. Having to quantify and qualify the work I had done during year was the easy part of my job. Having to do the same with my own goals and outcomes was what used to stress me out.

Higher Ed’s Impeachment Role – Diverse Issues in Higher Education

Read Higher Ed’s Impeachment Role by Emil Guillermo in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, November 4, 2019. Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday. “What’s that mean to the overworked scholar who may resent the idea of having one more thing to do? It means engaging with students and the…

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