Finding Relevancy In a Changing World – Continuing to Feel the Discomfort of Change is Necessary

In a world changing daily, how do you address your own role in complicit behavior? Continue feeling the discomfort of change – this

Book Excerpt: Steps to Being Mindful as a Facilitator

Even when we are in the middle of leading a facilitated experience, we have the responsibility to be mindful about how we “show up.” There are many ways to be mindful before, during and after the experience. In the excerpt from the new book, The SAGA Facilitation Model, I explore how you can improve your ability to be mindful when planning and participating in a facilitated meeting, workshop or training

Subversive.Thread: Every person who claims to oppose oppression must resist the oppressor by every means at their disposal: No More. No Less.

It can be challenging for people to consider a world reimagined – one that centers justice differently. One that serves people over property. Or one that believes that change doesn’t only happen outside of oneself. But that is the elevated goal. Rather than try to revise what is broken, why not reinvent? Read more from WiFi Wednesday.