Building that Bench from the Inside Out: Fortify Associates

There are a variety of #deveauisms that I use with regularity. I encourage people to “marinate” on ideas. Rather than dwell on the letter of the rule or process, I want you to consider the “spirit” into which it is created. And I truly believe that teams aren’t built, they are “curated”. As part of that process of curating your team, a leader must consider their team in full and identify opportunities to “build their bench”.

In #deveauism #fortifyspeak I qualify the “building of an organization’s bench” to include several areas. Before digging into this, I want you to be mindful that I have had to make this work with no additional funds, no title changes, no major ‘formal’ organizational moves. This is about how the operation runs and how it maximizes itself. So, please don’t get hung up on strata and hierarchy – it’s about capacity building within the organization, and creating a team that has, as many “specialists” as it does “utility players“.

Laura DeVeau, Fortify Associates

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