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Learn to Ask Yourself: Am I Feeling Burnout?

Feeling burnout is more common than we know – it’s an actual global phenomenon. Can you identify when you’re feeling burnout? Do you know strategies for managing burnout? Learn more about how to identify it and how to handle it when you do. Over the last couple of months, I…

How to Assert Yourself Without Being Assertive, and Other Lessons I Was Told to Learn: What I Have Learned

In a previous post, How to Assert Yourself Without Being Assertive, and Other Lessons I Was Told to Learn, I began to document some of the pivotal experiences that happened to me professionally. The supervisors who were part of these experiences were trying to change my impact on the team through what I now believe was negative behavior modification.

Before writing about these incidents in one place, I never made the connection about their cumulative impact. I also never thought of my previous supervisors’ leadership as poor, as I was craving their positive feedback. I plan to explore these experiences in a series of blogs. In this blog post, I’ll share the lessons learned from exploring the impact of poor supervision and leadership. This post has been updated to reflect some additional lessons learned.

10 Ways to Age-Proof Your Resume

Job-searching at any age is challenging. But searching for a job after the age of 40, when anti-discrimination protections kick-in, is especially challenging. Learn strategies to age-proof your resume to keep you in the applicant pool longer! In the past, I have written about job-searching and its challenges. But I…

A Guide to Coded Language In Education Vol I. & II – by Subversive.Thread/ClassTrouble.Club

One of the most popular posts from 2020 has been a What I Find Interesting Wednesday (WiFi Wednesday) post, A Guide to Coded Language in Education Vol. 1. Originally, I found the post on Instagram and re-posted the images with attribution. When I found A Guide to Coded Language in…

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