Professional Development

Three Ways to Manage Anniversary Reactions

An anniversary of a significant incident, such as the loss of a job, parent, or other tragic events, can trigger mental and physical reactions. Learn three ways to manage your own anniversary reactions. Over the past week, I have seen countless posts and re-posts on social media from friends and…

How to Make Black History Month Matter: Moving Beyond Diversity and Inclusion Statements to Diversity Actions

We can honor Black History Month now and every day by tackling issues in the workplace. In this post, we learn how to create diversity and inclusion statements and put them into action. As a gentle reminder:  Black history isn’t just something we celebrate with some picture we post on…

How to Make Black History Month Matter: Addressing the Racial Wage Gap

We can make Black History Month more relevant by addressing systems and institutions that hinder the growth and development of Black folks in the U.S. The first in a series, I explore the racial wage gap still found in 2021 across experience and education backgrounds. Earlier today, a Facebook memory…

How to Assert Yourself Without Being Assertive, and Other Lessons I Was Told to Learn: What I Have Learned

In a previous post, How to Assert Yourself Without Being Assertive, and Other Lessons I Was Told to Learn, I began to document some of the pivotal experiences that happened to me professionally. The supervisors who were part of these experiences were trying to change my impact on the team through what I now believe was negative behavior modification.

Before writing about these incidents in one place, I never made the connection about their cumulative impact. I also never thought of my previous supervisors’ leadership as poor, as I was craving their positive feedback. I plan to explore these experiences in a series of blogs. In this blog post, I’ll share the lessons learned from exploring the impact of poor supervision and leadership. This post has been updated to reflect some additional lessons learned.

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