Commit to Change, Start with Yourself

Commit to Change, Start with Yourself
Commit to Change, Start With Yourself

I believe that leadership is an expression of our values. And if your values include valuing diversity and inclusion, then it’s great to start with how you can create that community through action.

Not sure where to start today?

  1. Make a list of Black and other POC in leadership positions in your office or industry. Does it match national percentages? Start asking why not. Then commit to what you will do.
  2. There are plenty of books and movies, podcasts and other media to help you learn what may have been missing in your education. Share it with friends and family, and talk. And when it’s uncomfortable, ask each other why. Then commit to what you will do.
  3. Does your city or town have a police advisory board? What efforts are they making in your town? What resources do they need that you can connect with your network? Start asking how you can do your part. Then commit to what you will do.
  4. There are progressive candidates who regularly speak to the issues Black and POC face around systemic racism. Do you know one or two who might be running locally or regionally? Find out if they deserve your support. Then commit to what you will do.
  5. This is just a shortlist of work you can start on your own that doesn’t require POC to guide you. But it does require that YOU commit to doing something. What else would you add to this list that others can and should do?

I just shared with a college friend I have known for decades that being an ally is often made to feel like we need to change the world. But it starts with changing ourselves first. This work is hard. It’s messy. It’s complicated.

But this is what most people mean when they say ‘do the personal work.’ Because once you focus on yourself and improving the lives of those around you, you can lead those like you to do the same.

If there is anything I can do to help you and your organization improve the way it creates and sustains an open and just community, reach out to me. I am here to talk.

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