Do You Have Work-Related Anecdotes about Pointless Advice You’ve Been Given

Can You Help Me?

For my second book, How to Assert Yourself* (*Without Being Assertive) and Other Pointless Lessons I Was Told to Learn, I am collecting stories about pointless advice you have been given.

My best example is when I was asked to physically sit on my hands for six months when attending work meetings, so I could avoid putting my hand up first to answer any questions. Instead of just asking me to refrain from being the first to talk, I was asked to not talk in a way that was obvious and shaming.

And it never taught me any lesson other than to use a cruel and shaming tool to train and supervise your staff.

In the GoogleForm, I am going to ask prompts to questions and situations around this topic. Feel free to share as much as you like. If you wish to remain anonymous, please leave any first name information blank.

You can also submit multiple stories and anecdotes – don’t limit yourself to one if you have others to share!

Thank you for your help with my writing project!

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