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I believe that leadership is an expression of values. And in my world, I believe we all have values that can and should be shared. This reflects the diversity of the world in thought and action. Do you have values you want to share? Do you have a leadership journey that you need to publish? I want to hear your voice – and you should think about joining our team!

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Our Leadership and Values in Action bloggers help excite, engage and support the next generation of leaders by sharing leadership stories, tips for engaging others in social change, and cool news from the student affairs world.

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Who can be a blogger?

  • Students working towards their graduate degrees
  • Mentors, professors and people working with college students (Fraternity/Sorority professionals, consultants, trainers)
  • Experienced professionals working in student affairs
  • Brand new professionals working in student affairs
  • Anyone with interesting insights, tips, and stories

What should I write about?

  • Cool news from the world student affairs
  • Tips for students, like choosing how to apply a leadership skill or find a mentor
  • Tips for recent grads, like social networking, interviewing, and starting a new job
  • Tales from the workplace
  • Fascinating career paths
  • …The possibilities are limitless!

What about guidelines?

  • Shoot for around 600-800 words using SEO writing format
  • Be specific. Give actionable advice or fascinating tidbits rather than just sharing a story.
  • Be unique. Does your blog stand out from other recent blogs?
  • Be personable! Include relevant personal experiences and thought-provoking details.
  • Consider using a list format- it’s easy and readable. (Like The Top Three Things…)
  • Tie back your topic to students and professionals in higher education.
  • Have fun, but be professional.
  • Include links to sources when referring to news stories, facts or stats.
  • Send along a fun picture of yourself with 2-3 brief sentences about you.
  • Share your blog on social media once it gets posted!

Get started!

For guest posting consideration on the LVA Blog, complete the form on our Interested Bloggers page and you will be contacted for your writing samples (if unavailable online).

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