Tales of a Displaced Worker

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I want to thank everyone who has been supportive of my journey chronicling my experiences for the book, Tales of a Displaced Worker. Special thanks go to Johnny Gall and Kodo Elder-Groebe for their editing work.

I believe that the journey I share in the book is going to be useful for anyone who has experienced sudden job loss. The confusion, shame, guilt and the myriad of other feelings transcend the types of jobs held. But we can practice resiliency in the face of the unknown and I am ever hopeful that anyone can learn how to find whatever resolution makes sense to them.

Tales of a Displaced Worker: A Practical Guide for Student Affairs Staff Managing a College Closure

From the Foreword to Tales of a Displaced Worker

I really hope you didn’t just get the news that your college is about to close. That kind of news isn’t easy to face. I know this from personal experience.

I knew I wasn’t alone, and even now I hear about other people who have gone through this experience in the past. But the future of higher education is changing and we need to be prepared with more skills than stories.

This book isn’t going to cover the nuances of institutional closure or place blame on why institutions are closing – other authors can cover those topics. It also won’t focus on the needs of the college students affected, as I believe that college students are much more resilient as young adults to manage that type of change better than more established older adults and there are typically safety nets to ensure that they have as smooth a transition as possible.

I am going to focus on my journey from the time of the announcement and what I wish I had been advised to do in the weeks leading to and the weeks and months immediately following the closure. I plan to speak of the staff that were and continue to be an inspiration for values-centered leadership. And this book will provide practical ways to deal with the closure, from how to continue to be part of your professional community to dealing with the job-loss grief that you may experience.

Table of Contents for Tales of a Displaced Worker

  • Chapter One: The Kids Will Be Alright
  • Chapter Two: Review your resume and other immediate job search needs
  • Chapter Three: Prepare for awkward and invasive questions, and finding peace in the job search
  • Chapter Four: Develop answers to the “where do you work” questions and other personal, triggering questions at professional events
  • Chapter Five: Give yourself permission to grieve
  • Chapter Six: Maintain your Tribe
  • Chapter Seven: You are Going to Be Alright
  • Chapter Eight: The Unfinished Tale of a Displaced Worker

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