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Accountability and Commitments: Making Good Organizations Better PowerPoint describes the differences between accountability and commitment in student organizations. This product an be tailored for fraternity and sorority audiences or student organizations and delivered by advisors, student affairs professionals, or other staff. Includes a 6-page Facilitation Guide that covers the slide topics below:

Slide 1: Introductions

Slide 2: The Social Change Model of Leadership

Slide 3: What does Commitment look like? How are expectations shared?

Slide 4: Unrealistic Expectations

Side 5: Defining Commitment

Slide 6: Hierarchy of Commitment

Slide 7: Difference between Commitment and Compliance – Is Compliance enough?

Slide 8: What is Accountability

Slide 9: Why does your organization struggle with holding its members accountable?

Slide 10: Hierarchy of Commitment

Slide 11: Small Group Activity

Slide 12: Large Group Activity

Slide 13: Closing

Joseph Rios, EdD
I am Joseph Rios and I believe that leadership is an expression of our values

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