Resources for Homeless and Foster Youth College Students

A curated list of online resources for those supporting students experiencing homelessness, former foster care youth and those living in poverty. The list of resources will be updated frequently – please check again periodically.

Resources for Homeless and Foster Youth College Students

Last month, a group of alumni from the USC Rossier School of Education met on a Zoom call to discuss strategies for meeting the needs of college students impacted by COVID-19. One of the alumni, Janna from UNLV, spoke about the resources she was compiling through UNLV HOPE Scholars program while working with students who were former foster care youth in Nevada. It occurred to me that this group of students, who may not have family members able to take them in after residence halls closed permanently for the year, were an at-risk population we need to continue to support even during the summer.

According to the 2019 survey conducted by the Hope Center for College, Community and Justice, seventeen percent of college students experienced homelessness. Add in food insecurity, recent job loss and a dim future for typical summer work (restaurant work, babysitting positions, on-campus office positions), our students who are at-risk for dropping out have additional barriers to cross in order to stay connected and enrolled through the fall.

Last week, I compiled of list of online resources to maintain an equitable and inclusive space while working from home. In an effort to continue sharing resources for the most vulnerable populations enrolled in our colleges, I am compiling a list of resources dedicated to homeless students. SOme of the resources also include students who were part of the foster care system and those who are currently living in poverty.

A Working List of Resources About Supporting Homeless Students, Foster Care Youth and Students Living in Poverty

I plan to add to and update this list as I discover new resources. When I can download the strategy, I will upload for ease in saving to your own devices.

The National Network for Youth
Monarch Housing Associates
The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice
John Burton Advocates for Youth
Entangled Solutions
Cambridge University Press
Together We Rise
Resources to Support Special Populations of Students During COVID-19
The National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty

Want to Add a Resource?

If you have additional resources to share, please send me a message below.

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