Right Here, Right Now: Prioritizing Your Personal Development in Times of Crisis

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Life during a pandemic, or any other crisis we live through, changes us and how we work. It can seem impossible to make your own life a priority when so much is happening around you. In these times, we need a new way to prioritize our personal development that centers on grace, imperfection, and motivation. In this way, we can all find a way to focus on one thing that will improve our lives.

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From the Forward from Right Here, Right Now: Prioritizing Your Personal Development During Times of Crisis

Putting together a personal development plan can seem daunting. It can feel overwhelming to put together a list of personal priorities for the future when the present feels uncertain. How do I know whom I want to be six months or a year from now when I am trying to keep myself afloat right now?

I know this from personal experience.

Since 2018 I have had to adjust how I thought about my own personal and professional development. No longer relying on an employer paying for my professional development, asking me to complete a self-assessment once a year, or even having anyone give me feedback on the work I am doing, I have had to figure out what to do next all on my own.

Coupled with trying to kick-start a new business, managing a never-ending job search, and learning to pivot my skills in the middle of a pandemic – well, it’s a wonder I can look past the next hour much less the next month or more.

But I believe we all have the capacity to at least think about the here and now. We can do one thing, something, that will propel us forward to meet our goals. This book will highlight lessons I’ve learned in the last two years in managing professional and personal goals that focus on the right here and right now, which I believe will help others propel themselves towards completing their goals.

I am hopeful that reading about my journey, and the lessons I learned, my lessons learned will help you do something that benefits you, right hereright now.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Understanding Our Strengths During Times of Crisis
  • Creating a Management Plan in Times of Crisis
    • The Management Plan Concepts – What to Learn?
    • The Management Plan Concepts – Why You Should Refine a Skill 
    • The Management Plan Concepts – Teaching Others Works as Professional Development
  • Lessons Learned about Using a Management Plan While in Crisis
    • Lesson One: Realize Your Personal Development Plan Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect
    • Lesson Two: Identify Your Strengths to Access Your Personal Power
    • Lesson Three: We Need an Easy Win as Motivation
    • Lesson Four: Keep Your Own Receipts on Yourself
    • Lesson Five: We Work Harder When We Have a Prize at the End
    • Lesson Six: What We Tell Others We Fear Might Not Be the Real Fear
    • Lesson Seven: My Self Worth Isn’t Determined By What I  Start or Finish.
    • Lesson Eight: A New Era Demands a New Set of Rules  

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