Summer Writing Ideas

Summer time is the best time to explore new ideas! Please share your thoughts on some potential topics and help me make the most of my summer!

Summer Writing Ideas | Photo by Summer Chiu on Scopio

As the summer begins, and I am planning to extend my own stay-at-home work here in Boston, I am looking for some ideas to explore for new topics to showcase in July or August. When the pandemic began, I felt lost and confused about what I could contribute to the world. In the last couple of months, I have found that I can amplify issues and collect resources to share. I can give you all tips on how to survive what feels strange and unfamiliar. And I can focus on the future, whatever that may be, and prepare you all for a world that will feel strange unless we’re prepared.

But honestly, I am a bit tapped out. Like many of you, trying to stay ahead of the curve has taken a lot of mental energy. I have the effort and time, but right now I need to ask for some help.

Frankly, I need some inspiration from you all. I have had some success in taking your topics and creating some interesting series out of them. Honestly, I am hopeful that this summer will provide me with some great foder to move forward and give you all some interesting blogs to read.

I really do need you all to inspire me with some new topics to write and explore. Please share your thoughts below!

Please look at the topics below and chose your favorites. Or write in your own! I am hopeful that within the next couple of weeks, the writing muse will revisit and I’ll have plenty to say.

For the month of June, I plan to re-post some previously published blogs that I think will be worth reading this summer. And I am going to try and keep my WiFi Wednesday posts uptodate, since the world is changing quickly and we need to know news as its happening.

Pick Your Favorite Topics

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