Getting out of my way: Goal Setting for the Mid-Level Professional

The first ten years of my career had me working for nine different supervisors, which meant I was under constant and always-changing evaluation. For this reason, the annual review time of the year used to be my least favorite time of the academic year. Having to quantify and qualify the work I had done during year was the easy part of my job. Having to do the same with my own goals and outcomes was what used to stress me out.

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Leveling UP! Moving Up to the Next Job with a Personal Development Plan

Advancing your career is more a personal-professional development issue than a job-related idea, which you can tackle with a personal professional development plan. Start with assessing your skills and what you are capable of doing, and make a plan to either learn or refine these skills. Learn how you can pull all of this together and level-up your career.

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