What Happens When Your Emotions Show Up at the Interview?

What do you do when your emotions show up in the middle of an interview? What can you do to recover from the situation, and what can you learn to do to prepare in the future? Learn what you can do to be your best version of yourself when your emotions show up in the interview.

Tips for Holding an Interview in the Middle of a Campus Crisis

We can’t control every crisis that happens on a college campus that might impact potential campus interviews. But we can do better working with candidates impacted by these crises. I offer three tips on how to work with candidates before, during and after they come to campus for an interview.

Managing Professional Conferences While Unemployed, or Answering the “Where do you work?” Question

Managing tough questions about long-term unemployment is challenging. Answering the questions at professional conferences is even tougher. Learn strategies for answering some challenging, but oft-repeated, questions when you’re surrounded by peers in your field.

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