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“I have to admit that, in my real life, calling on my alter ego as Olivia Pope from Scandal, I pride myself on my ability to “handle it.” I thrive on crisis management. I’m good at it, and I have a job where this skill set helps get me through campus events from the serious and life-threatening to the truly bizarre. I wonder, however, if we can’t find a better way to respond to such campus matters and use certain tools that would allow us and our colleagues to have a different relationship to crises — one that is kinder on ourselves and our endocrine systems.”

Marcelle Hayashida , Inside Higher Ed, January 31, 2019

Read more at The Crisis-Industrial Complex by Marcelle Hayashida in Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday.

I have often wondered if some of the crises that I weathered during the last two decades were elevated to this statuses because our leadership was uncomfortable with making a decision or operated from emotion rather than logic. This part of the opinion piece resonated with me:

“In short, it’s not necessarily a crisis if what you really just need to do is sit down and talk with your students.”

Marcelle Hayashida , Inside Higher Ed, January 31, 2019

A great addition to your professional library – Crisis, Compassion, and Resiliency in Student Affairs: Using Triage Practices to Foster Well-Being by authors Katie L. Treadwell Marijo Russell O’Grady and Kevin Kruger. Find this and other books listed on the Affiliates Page.

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