Leadership Workshop Topics

I am passionate about helping students and professional staff learn and understand leadership and values! I have listed leadership workshop topics that have been presented previously and can be customized for your particular audience.

Presently, the topics listed below can be presented in-person and using online using video conferencing software. Pricing for workshops will reflect the presentation style, whether in person or online.

Do you have an idea for a leadership workshop topic but it’s not listed? Want a preview of the content? Contact me to discuss your idea or question!

Sample of Workshop Topics

Highlighting Leadership on Your Resume

  • Can be tailored for Student Organization/Greek student audiences
  • Student leaders are notorious for listing their leadership roles as one bullet on a resume.  Learn how you can maximize your experience and highlight your specific paid and unpaid college experiences!

Creating the Next Big Programming Trend

  • Audience: Greek Life and Residential Student Organization Leaders
  • Does your student programming need a pick-me up?  Want to develop new ideas you know will work with your intended audiences? Start with exploring the next big trends in student programming!

Assessment 101: For Student Affairs Professionals

Leadership Values in Action

  • Audience: Greek Life and Residential Student Organization Leaders
  • Values-centered leadership can help give direction to any  student team or organization.  Learn how you can clarify your values, educate others about your values and purpose, and use your values to recruit others or increase members involvement.

Accountability versus Commitment

  • Audience: Greek Life and Student Organization Leaders
  • What does accountability look like in your organization?  What does commitment look and sound like among your members?  Why do you struggle with these topics in your group?  Learn how you can increase accountability and reinforce commitment among all of your members.
  • Read Increasing Commitment in Student Leaders for a highlight of the content

Infusing Values into your Leadership Training – Using the Social Change Model

  • Audience: Department or Divisional Staff, Greek Life and Student Organization Leaders
  • The Social Change Model for Leadership Development is a flexible model that will work with different types of chapters, campus communities, and budgets – and can likely include many of the efforts you are already doing.

Your DISC Profile: Understanding How You Work in a Group

  • Audience: Department or Divisional Staff, Greek Life and Student Organization Leaders
  • How we work together is often related to what we expect from others and how we want to be engaged while working. Learn which DiSC style reflects how you work in a group and how you can work better with others

What Is Your Social Style when Working with Others?

  • Audience: Department or Divisional Staff, Greek Life and Student Organization Leaders
  • Emotional intelligence is all about how well you understand your own emotions and the emotions of others, and the ability to identify and manage them. This quiz, based on the Merrill-Reid method, will show you a working style that describes how you primarily approach and deal with people and situations at work. 

All presentations are one-hour.  Please note that one or more presentations can be extended for a half-day or full-day of training with advanced notice. Rates are negotiable and will include travel expenses (as necessary). Contact me directly for rates and availability.

I am incredibly interested in learning how I can support you and your organization. Schedule a meeting and let me know how I can help you reach your learning goals!

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