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“One takeaway from these responses is that many students assume professors are more adept at managing discomfort and tension in the classroom than we probably feel ourselves to be. That is not to say that students do not accept any of the responsibility for creating inclusive classroom environments. Many said it is their job to be “open” and “respectful” with one another in the classroom. Some suggested, as well, that they have agency over their own emotional experiences.”

Shawna Shapiro , Inside Higher Ed, May 13, 2019

Read more at A Gen Z Guide to Inclusivity by Shawna Shampiro in Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday.

As we see more and more Gen Z students showing up in leadership roles both inside and outside higher ed, we will need to help facilitate their ability to tap into their agency. I believe this is one of the hallmark differences between Gen Z and the Millennial students who are now in their mid 30s. What are you doing to help students tap into their own agency on your college campus?

A great addition to your professional library – Generation Z Goes to College by authors Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace. Find this and other books listed on the Affiliates Page.

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