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Read Not Future Ready by Doug Lederman, from, October 22, 2019. Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday.

“Asked to rate which trends they most expected to affect their institutions over the next half decade, 62 percent of campus leaders listed increasing competition, followed by the declining traditional-age student population (59 percent), the increasing population of working adults and other nontraditional students (39 percent), declining federal and state financial support (38 percent, though much higher for public universities), declining public confidence in higher education (27 percent), and geopolitical uncertainty around international students (23 percent).”

By Doug Lederman,, October 22, 2019

The American Council on Education, the Huron Consulting Group and Georgia Institute of Technology surveyed 500 college senior leaders. Their questions sought to determine the most significant challenges their institutions would face in the next three to five years, their preparedness in meeting the challenges, and whether their structures and management were agile and responsive enough to deal with the challenges. Below is one of the graphs sharing their confidence in meeting these market trends.

From InsideHigherEd - Confidence in Institution's Ability to Respond to Top Market Trends bar graph.
In my opinion, the results showed a middling level of confidence. Review the original image online.

The anticipated trend in declining public confidence in value of higher education feels significant to me. I wonder what issues are impacting this public confidence and what the culture of higher education innovation has to do with this perception.

“And a majority of respondents to the survey (57 percent) said they were planning three to five years into the future, with 8 percent saying less than three years and 16 percent saying 10 years or more.

“Most institutions still plan for the ‘medium term’ — not fast enough to be agile or future-facing enough to be transformational,” the report states.

By Doug Lederman,, October 22, 2019

I believe one of the challenges we will see is the lack of preparation for declining enrollment of traditional age students and the declining value of higher education, all intersecting with institutions that are not looking more than five years into the future. Given your own institutional culture, what is the issue you believe your institution may need more advance planning to manage?

Read Not Future Ready by Doug Lederman, from, October 22, 2019. Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday.

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