Instagram: Metrowest_Harm Reduction – Grounding Techniques

Read Grounding Techniques from Metrowest Harm Reduction on Instagram, from May 28, 2020.

Read Avoiding Racial Equity Detours by Paul Gorski, from EdChange.Org, April 2019. (Page 2)

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For two decades, I was working in and committed to college student social justice and diversity education. And let me tell you, it can cause stress on the body and mind in ways you can’t imagine. Every single time there was a local, regional or national issue that spoke to a social justice topic – senseless murder, legalized bias incidents, apathy and inaction in the face of discrimination – I would go into a mental overdrive trying to find a teachable lesson or moment. I would need to mobilize resources, look at our own policies, reach out to students impacted, and on and on and on.

And then I might take a minute to take care of myself.

I learned about navigating personal triggering events when I am responsible for teaching others from Dr. Kathy Obear. While I might not be able to manage the world around me, I learned how to manage how I reacted in the moment to get to the next moment. Taking personal responsibility to learn my own triggers and prioritize my own self-care in the face of these competing events was my own way to show up for the fight day after day.

One of the methods I used was a series of grounding techniques to help me focus. The people who run the Instagram profile Metrowest_Harmreduction, from Program RISE in Massachusetts, shared an infographic that shared a number of grounding techniques for people experiencing strong emotions and anxiety right now for a number of reasons: civil unrest, COVID-19, unsure job security, family or relationship issues.

Take care of yourself. Make it a priority. And keep showing up for the fight.

Visit Grounding Techniques from Metrowest Harm Reduction on Instagram, from May 28, 2020. Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday

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