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Read Taking Trans Lives Seriously by Mark Lance from, July 30, 2019. Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday.

“Recently, a small but highly visible group of scholars has taken to arguing against the growing acceptance of the gender self-identifications of trans people — insisting that trans women are really men, trans men really women, trans lesbians really heterosexual men and so forth — and often explicitly presenting these arguments as support for legal efforts to restrict trans folks’ access to public spaces. This has led others to sharply criticize such “gender-critical” positions, and even to call for boycotts and deplatforming of those defending them. In response, 12 “leading scholars” wrote an open letter in Inside Higher Ed asserting that such calls were an assault on academic freedom and that such criticisms counted as unacceptable abuse.

By  Mark Lance,, July 30, 2019

This opinion piece in Inside HigherEd speaks to the choices we make every day when working at our institutions. Much of the lives of researchers is to consider hypothetical situations that exist in a vacuum of inquiry. And yet, their words and opinions have real-world impact that can hurt and cause students, staff and faculty to feel any sort of way other than safe. I believe we must confront these ideas, much like eugenics and gay gene therapy have been studied by researchers.

“It is not permissible to debate the lives of people who are oppressed and murdered. Those who treat this like an intellectual game should not be engaged with.” 

By  Mark Lance,, July 30, 2019

I, too, believe we must all be critical of the ‘let’s include all views’ when these views diminish the validity of a person expressing their chosen identity. To do so gives credence that our identities can be denounced due to shoddy research based on opinions.

Read Taking Trans Lives Seriously by Mark Lance from, July 30, 2019. Part of WiFi (What I Find Interesting) Wednesday.

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