I am Joseph Rios and I believe that leadership is an expression of our values.  Our values inform our thoughts and actions and, when aligned, can have a very powerful effect on our communities.  My work is grounded in over 20 years of practice in leadership and student development and is informed by young adult development and learning theories.

By exploring our personal and shared values, we have the opportunity to create a community that showcases it values – of care, inclusion, love, family, excellence – and works to include others in these values.  I want to show you how you can put your leadership into action and showcase the best of your values to others. 

This can be through training, personalized workshops, or one-on-one coaching.  In whatever format is best for you, I want to be part of your success and witness the expression of your leadership and values in action.

What I Offer

Leadership & Developmental Workshops: A Comprehensive Approach

With over 20 years of experience working with college students and young adults, I can speak to a number of topics, including values-centered leadership, customer service, and program planning.  I can customize content as necessary for students, non-profit, or business audiences.  Plus, I have online leadership inventories to use for online trainings!

Assessment & Evaluation Development: Expert Guidance

Does your department or student affairs division need help collecting or using data? Do you need some one-on-one or group training on assessment techniques? Want to review your departmental effectiveness? Now is the time to meet and find solutions for these topics.

Noteworthy Blogs and Thoughts: Join the Journey

I have recorded my thoughts about student leadership development, assessment, and career development.  Feel free to peruse the collection and subscribe to the blog. Plus you can find my two books, Tales of a Displaced Worker and The SAGA Facilitation Model, on sale in my webstore, plus Kindle and Amazon.com

Career Coaching & Goal Setting: Defining the Path

Do you need more one-on-one professional coaching? Need to review your professional goals and how you can better utilize your strengths to reach your desired outcomes? Now is the time to schedule an introductory meeting so we can discuss a plan that works best for you.

How Can I Help You?

What Past Clients and Students Have to Say

Always Clear and Concise with His Advice

Joseph and I met as members of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus. We have had many transparent and helpful conversations over the past year, but recently we have connected to discuss my future in the field.

He is always clear and concise with his advice, no beating around the bush, and he is sure to provide relevant examples from his own experience to offer insight. He has helped me to reflect on my personal values as a driving force behind my career decisions and how to work as a “power broker”.

Needless to say, Joseph is an incredible resource and he has a wealth of knowledge that anyone would be lucky to get a taste of. Thank you, Joseph!

Client Coaching

Thoughtful, Insightful, and Realistic Feedback

Dr. Rios graciously took time out of his busy schedule to provide me with written feedback on my cover letter and resume, which I am deeply grateful for. Dr. Rios provided me with thoughtful, insightful, and realistic feedback on my materials in a supportive way.

It is clear that he offers a wealth of knowledge about the field of Student Affairs, specifically in Diversity and Inclusion work. I have appreciated Dr. Rios’ outreach and he would be a useful resource for any client/institution looking to improve their practices in higher education.

Client Coaching

An Authentic and Dedicated Professional

I met Joseph during my on-campus interview at Mount Ida and my interactions with him were some of the most memorable that I had over the course of the day. It was immediately clear to me that he was an authentic and dedicated professional and I quickly began to admire his direct approach to communicating information, his passion for assessment, and his willingness to collaborate.

Joseph is always willing to advocate for his campus partners and he serves as an example of how effective assessment can be when utilized properly. He was instrumental to the development of a culture of assessment on campus and, as a fellow assessment enthusiast, I could always count on him to share complete and accurate results objectively.


He Opened My Eyes

While with Joseph at New Jersey Institute of Technology, to say he was a man of vast talents and ability is an understatement. He served in a capacity far beyond his title, providing excellent Student Affairs input and guidance, but always as a role model.

He opened my eyes, and my mind to new ideas and new ways of thinking, learning and leading. I feel that any employer benefits from his presence and any student body is better for his expertise, experience, patience and guidance

Student Leader

Very Inspirational and Effective

For 2 years, Joseph was my supervisor at the Mount Ida College Mustang Involvement Center during my leadership position. He was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about leadership development and higher education. His presentations and ideas including how to develop students into leaders were very inspirational and effective.

Whenever I saw Joseph, he was always smiling and everyone could tell that he loved his job and being around people. I would, without a doubt, 100% recommend Joseph to any company. He will bring many different skills and will be an incredible addition to any company

Student Leader

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